Crafting Memories: A Tale from JenDore's Founder showcasing products at Bloom Market in Portsmouth, Virginia

Crafting Memories: A Tale from JenDore's Founder showcasing products at Bloom Market in Portsmouth, Virginia

So, I assume you stopped by Bloom Market in Portsmouth, Virginia! You spotted a sign and couldn't resist delving into the story behind JenDore's beginnings. Well, let's dive in! Just a reminder, this is a true tale straight from the founder of JenDore.

" 8-year-old me loved movie time in class, but I had already seen this movie and I did not care for it. So, what did I decide to do? I grabbed some crayons, some paper, and a pair of scissors.

I began by drawing, coloring, and cutting out a little paper hat. A classmate admired it, so I made one for her. Soon, others wanted hats too. Since it was hard work and I didn't plan to make any more, I told them that I'd make them one for 25 cents. Surprisingly, a classmate paid up, sparking a chain reaction of orders. Before I knew it, I had nine quarters.

After the movie, whispers about my hats spread, catching the teacher's attention. She pulled me aside, explaining I couldn't sell anything in class and suggested giving hats to everyone. She instructed me to return everyone's money. So I did, but she was shocked when I asked for the hats back. With a puzzled look, she asked me why I did not let the classmates keep the hats. She asked me if I thought it would be kind and nice to do so. I shared with her that I worked really hard on those paper hats and used my own paper, crayons, and scissors. I then explained to  her that if my classmates aren't trading with me anymore then it was only fair that if I return their money, that I get my hats back. She opened her mouth, paused, and gave me permission to return to my seat. 

Hours later I found myself having to give an explanation. When I got home my Dad shook his head while my Mom laughed and said “Your teacher called. You aren’t in any trouble, but just please tell us why 25 cents?”

I looked at my Mom and Dad with a serious look, and said " I did not like the paper hat that I made for myself and I did not want to make any more. I didn't need any money. Other kids were begging for them and requested colors and pictures, I thought a dollar was too much money since I did not think I did a great job and some kids might not have 50 cents. So, I asked for a quarter. I didn't want to do it for free because it was a lot of work and I was running out of crayons."

My parents laughed and said that must have that I must have picked it up from spending time at my Grandad's Store."

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